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Meet The Owners


​Maricco D. Everett 


Alison M. Everett

Maricco and Alison Everett Are Leaders In The Tax Industry. Well known in their communities as The Tax Giants, they are the owners of A.M.E'Z Professional Tax Services, a family owned and operated business founded In Fredericksburg, VA! A.M.E'Z Professional Tax Services has been specializing in personalized taxation and financial services throughout the Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, and Texas areas since 2010. They are the professionals with integrity and they take pride in their jobs. This power couple works diligently and collaboratively to bring you individualized attention and effective timely financial management solutions. In addition to being tax preparers, they have the skills, knowledge and charisma to handle all of your financial needs. They are consultants who are passionate about what they do while showing every client that they are someone who cares and understands. Their job is to educate you with tax knowledge so that you can win with what you have, having your taxes prepared accurately and correctly. They pride themselves on being a legitimate and integral tax company. The Everett's are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your trusted tax planner and financial advisor. At A.M.E'Z Professional Tax Services, loving what we do, translates into positive client experiences. Schedule a consultation and see how you can benefit from us working for you. You've Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best. We Are The Professionals You Can Truly Trust And Together We Can Bring Your Ideas Into A Reality!

To Your Success,

Maricco & Alison Everett

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