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Click Below To Check Your Federal Refund Status

Click Below To Check Your State Tax Status

Click Icon To Call Mississippi Department of Revenue

Click Icon To Call Virginia Department of Taxation


Questions About Your Refund Transfer?

Check With Republic Bank 


Is Your Federal Refund At Risk Of Being Withheld?

Need information on a debt or offset in the Treasury Offset Program?  

Call the TOP Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 800-304-3107.

Hearing impaired customers may use the Federal Relay Service by dialing 800-877-8339 to reach a Communications Assistant (CA) who will dial the toll-free number.

Would You Like Your Check Cashed For $10 or Less?

Try One Of The Locations Below

Cashier's checks issued may be cashed at over 11,000 locations nationwide



+ Checks up to $9,500 cashed for $10

+ Over 6,300 locations nationwide

+ Available at any Wells Fargo bank location thru April 31


+ Checks up to $7,500 cashed for a cost up to $6

+ Over 5,000 locations nationwide

+ Available at participating Walmart stores thru December 31

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